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MRI Non-Magnetic GloveMaster Glove Box Holders

MRI Non-Magnetic GloveMaster Glove Box Holders

The GloveMaster will withstand the worst abuse and the toughest knocks, providing years of service while also making your lab organized and visually appealing.  The virtually unbreakable GloveMaster is the most innovative lab-organizing item to come along in years. Say goodbye to stress fractures that plague other high-use glove box holders. These gems will bounce back with ease, even when knocked with heavy furniture or equipment. Guaranteed to last the lifetime of your lab. Available in three sizes. This thing is tough.  Finally an unbreakable glove box holder that can stand up to the harshest of lab environments! Tough polycarbonate construction makes the GloveMaster (virtually) indestructible.

Designed to put up with the toughest treatment you can put them to the test
Installs on wall with tape, not included,  or sits on bench
Choose from single, double or triple to fit one, two or three boxes of gloves
Made from the toughest polycarbonate. Available in three sizes. Clear and attractive.

Single GloveMaster
11.125" x 4.125" x 4.5"
Model # PC-1389

Double GloveMaster
11.125" x 8.25" x 4.5"
Model # PC-1388

Triple GloveMaster
11.125" x 16.25" x 4.5"
Model # PC-1207
Price: $33.46
MRI Non-Magnetic GloveMaster Glove Box Holders
MRI Non-Magnetic GloveMaster Glove Box Holders
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