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Indicator Radiopaque Mammography Markers, Including BBs

SKU: MA-301X
Indicator Radiopaque Mammography Markers, Including BBs

Precision and convenience in a wide variety of applications.

Completely Adhesive
100 per box

Our Indicator® Radiopaque Markers can be used in a variety of imaging procedures to identify any point of interest, including nipples, masses, scar tissue, moles, or birthmarks.  Users appreciate their ability to provide a clear, accurate reference point that is free of spray artifacts.  The flat design prevents tissue indentation and the clear, adhesive backing aids in precise marker placement.  In addition to enhancing accuracy, they promote procedural efficiency with double pull tabs that permit easy application and removal. 

Product Benefits:
Create precise reference points without artifacts
Works for CT, X-Ray, Fluoroscopy, Angiography
Available in a variety of shapes and sizes for most applications

Available Sizes:
1.00 MM
Model # MA-3014

1.5 MM
Model # MA-3015

2.0 MM
Model # MA-3016

2.5 MM
Model # MA-3017
Price: $43.10
Choose Size:

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Indicator Radiopaque Mammography Markers, Including BBs
Indicator Radiopaque Mammography Markers, Including BBs
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