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MRI Non-Magnetic Pediatric Immobilizer

SKU: FO-400X
MRI Non-Magnetic Pediatric Immobilizer
The pediatric immobilizer is less frightening than most pediatric positioners.  The child rests on a 6 1/2” W x 40” L wood board. Gentle, secure immobilization is ensured by Velcro® brand blanket and straps that attach to a hook located under the board. Octagonal bases at both ends of the board allow you to position and stabilize the child at any of the eight positions (each 45° apart) around the octagonal circumference. Open base ends accommodate taller children. Use for chest, abdomen, phelography and cystography, upper GI and barium studies, CT and MRI, or as a craniograph for skull and sinus studies.
Complete Kit Contains:
1 Board
2 Octagons
1 Large U Shaped Cushion
1 Small U Shaped Cushion
1 L Shaped Cushion
1 Large Velcro Blanket
1 Small Velcro Blanket
Straps for Head and Arms
Model # FO-4000
With No Accessories Contains:
1 Board
2 Octagons
2 Supports
Model # FO-4001
1 Year
Free instructional video with purchase
Price: $1,158.30
MRI Non-Magnetic Pediatric Immobilizer
MRI Non-Magnetic Pediatric Immobilizer
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