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MRI Non-Magnetic Vacuum Cleaner

SKU: VA-100X
MRI Non-Magnetic Vacuum
The GREEN Supreme is the quietest, most powerful service vacuum available. The new motor uses less energy than standard service vacuums. The Omega Supreme Plus is made from high-impact starex flame retardent ABS polymer for durability. It also features over-heat protection and field replaceable latches.  Quiet (less than 70 db), powerful and uses 20% less energy.

Product has been tested up to a 3T magnet, but vacuum itself and the power cord must be kept a minimum of 15 feet from magnet, no matter what the magnet strength

Length: 19.25"
Width: 7.4"
Height: 9.3"
Weight: 11lbs

Warranty: 3 Year Limited
GREEN Supreme MRI 120 volt (Base Unit)
120 Volt Motor: 5.2 Amps, 628 Watts
Model # VA-1000
GREEN Supreme MRI 230 volt (Base Unit)
230 Volt Motor: 2.0 Amps, 450 Watts
Model # VA-1001
HEPA cartridge filter 99.97% efficient @ .3 micron (standard).  ULPA cartridge filter 99.999% efficient @ .12 micron (optimal).
Self Storage compartment, accessories conveniently store in cover.
20' or 15' ESD safe, non-metallic hose.  The optional carry bag for the hoses contain a small amount of magnetism and should be kept out of the MRI room
16" ESD safe flexible wand.
ESD safe crevice tool.
Electronic line filter that surpresses EMI/RFI

In the optional accessories kit the adjustable shoulder strap contains magnetism and should be kept out of the MRI room
Price: $384.92
MRI Non-Magnetic Vacuum Cleaner
MRI Non-Magnetic Vacuum Cleaner
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