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MRI Non-Magnetic Compatible Suction Regulator

SKU: OX-7000
MRI Non-Magnetic Compatible Suction Regulator

Testing was preformed in a 1.5 Tesla and 3 Tesla MR machine.

MRI Compatible Suction Regulator-Continuous  0-200 Hg
with Selector Valve(OFF/REG/LINE), 0-760 Hg
Choose wall connection and tubing / canister connection options below.  If the Connection you need is not listed please call and we can get it for you.

Fittings and accessories (sold Separately) and are factory matched to ensure compatibility. Boehringer Laboratories does not warrant use of customer-supplied fittings. Please contact customer service to get part numbers and pricing for fittings. You will need to know what type of fitting you want for the back of the regulator for the wall and on the bottom of the regulator for a collection canister or for the patient tubing.

Click here for a Fittings Diagram

Clinical Use
The MRI Compatible Suction Regulators were developed in response to safety concerns in the MRI suite. Additionally, increased utilization of MRI during interventional procedures has expanded the need for anesthesia related equipment that is compatible with the MRI System.

MRI Safe & Compatible Design
Steam autoclaveable
Boldly labeled "MRI" for added safety
Color-coded gauge visible from a 180° field of view
Gauge does not require calibration
Gauge is flood and shock resistant
High flow capacity
Industrial strength diaphragm
Large adjusting knob with fine resolution

VENT PORTS: 3/16" Diameter
REGULATOR ACCURACY: 10% at 200 mm Hg from full flow to
  zero using a 14 French catheter

WEIGHT (Gauge and Regulator) 1.35 lb.
MATERIALS: Hard anodized aluminum, stainless steel, phosphor bronze,
  Dacron reinforced Buna, and silicone.

DISINFECTION: Gas, autoclave, Cidex, Pasteurization or Sterrada

Wall Connection
DISS Connection - OX-7010
Puritan Connection - OX-7015
Ohmeda Connection - OX-7012
Chemtron Connection - OX-7014

Tubing / Cannister Conncetion
Diss Connection - OX-7011
Barb Connection - OX-7013

10 Year Warranty

Price: $1,157.88
MRI Non-Magnetic Compatible Suction Regulator
MRI Non-Magnetic Compatible Suction Regulator
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