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Ceiling Tile Art and Decorative Wall Murals

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How can you have a blue sky in a room with no windows? How can you make your ceilings and walls come to life? With dropped ceiling tile art and decorative wall murals!
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Ceiling Tile Art and Decorative Wall Murals
Ceiling Tile Art and Decorative Wall Murals
Ceiling Tile Art and Decorative Wall Murals
Ceiling Tile Art and Decorative Wall Murals
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Artificial Sky Ceilings

How can you have a blue sky in a room with no windows? How can you make your ceilings and walls come to life? With dropped ceiling tile art and decorative wall murals!

Ceiling Art is scientifically proven to:
Lower Blood Pressure
Reduce Stress/Anxiety
Decrease Muscle Tension
Reduce Pain
Re-Direct Negative Thought

There have been hundreds of research reports showing the positive effects of incorporating healing art and biophilic friendly products into healthcare design. Biophilia, most easily defined as "the love of nature", is the idea that people function best in the natural, green environments we evolved in, with other life around and with spaces that are more like natural habitats rather than boxes with dull, lifeless ceilings and walls. Biophilic design accompanies green building perfectly because its products are sustainable, blurring the boundaries between building and landscape to relax and soothe the soul. Even though people may be happy in a suburban bungalow or urban high-rise, we are most at peace when walking in a park, looking at the ocean or hiking in the woods. Biophilic spaces can reduce unnecessary stress and depression, enhance positive social response, speed up recovery times, provide medical patient distractions, increase staff productivity, increase retail sales, encourage educational growth in students and even make tight, claustrophobic spaces seem wide open. Best of all, our products are maintenance free and will provide years of enjoyment for customers and staff alike. With a ceiling mural overhead, you will immediately SEE the advantages.

LED Virtual Motion Sky Ceilings (Virtual Sky)

A series of luminous LED ceiling tile that extend across the entire room creating the effect of passing clouds. Available in 2'x2' or 2'x4'. All materials included. Sizes range up to 50,000 sq. feet ceilings.

Hospital Lobby Ceilings & Wall Murals 

Custom, dropped ceiling tile, light diffuser panels and vinyl wall murals that easily integrate into drop ceilings and walls of hospital lobbies and waiting rooms. These no maintenance, patient friendly dropped ceiling tile installations, are perceived instantly upon viewing as a sign of caring and deeply appreciated by the patient as well as the caregivers themselves. Sky ceilings are becoming more popular in facility and office design because they are visually therapeutic and create an open feeling.

Imaging Suite Ceilings & Wall Murals

The future of radiology departments is not only new imaging equipment, it is focused on becoming more patient-care oriented. A typical MRI or CT Scan can terrify the bravest souls and cause not only unnecessary stress, but delayed recovery times. A relaxed patient is more receptive, therefore they are more responsive to treatment. State-of-the-art, user friendly environments are a positive marketing tool and a strong facility competitive edge. Viewing nature imagery reduces systolic blood pressure and pulse; helps redirect negative thought and decreases boredom.

Patient Treatment Room Ceilings & Wall Murals

Installing healing art around intimidating medical equipment creates a positive, patient friendly environment that is an instant sign of caring. Although the patient experience is enhanced through these attractive surroundings, it also helps the caregiver (nurse, technologist, doctor, etc.,) because patients are more cooperative. Healing art on dropped ceiling tiles and wall murals in healthcare settings has been proven to lower blood pressure, speed up recovery times and reduce overall stress and anxiety in patients.

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Our professional-grade acoustical ceiling tiles are engineered for use in highly demanding environments such as hospitals, department stores, corridors, theaters, studios, gyms, offices, schools, MRI rooms, restaurants, basements and places of worship. Our acoustic ceiling tiles can be easily installed into existing drop and suspended ceiling grids. Our acoustic tiles combine exceptional impact and scratch resistance along with the latest sound absorption technology.

Light Lens/Light Diffuser Panels

Our translucent polycarbonate sheet stands out above all other products by providing unmatched light transmittance, glass-like clarity and impact resistance all in one versatile product. Its virtually unbreakable strength allows it to be used in a variety of applications, but can easily be cut to form a custom fit with any common hand tools. It is strongly recommended that full spectrum bulbs are used to illuminate our backlit panels. 

Wall Wraps

Our wall wraps are printed on wallpaper-like material, specially formulated for our unique printing process. Our wall wraps can be applied to interior or exterior walls like traditional wallpaper. We also carry vinyl wraps that are applied to walls with no glue or water and can be taken down and reapplied over and over again.

Mobile Wraps

Everyday your mobile MRI or medical coach is seen by thousands of people and potential clients. With today's technological breakthroughs, you no longer have to settle for cut letters or simple decals. Using digital illustration in combination with photography, MRIequip.com can create brilliant, eye-catching vehicle graphics for your mobile MRI or medical coach. Through our large format digital printing, we can turn any company vehicle into 24 hour advertising. Customers view companies that take pride in their appearance as being more professional, offer a higher quality product and to be more trustworthy. Whether you have an entire fleet of vehicles you need wrapped or just one, contact us today to get your project started. Life expectancy of wrapped vehicles is 7-10 years. 

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