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MRI Non-Magnetic Bariatric PROFLEXX Gurney

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MRI Non-Magnetic Bariatric PROFLEXX Gurney
Product Details
Ferno's 35X-NM PROFlexx®  Non-Magnetic Ambulance Cot provides industry
leading stability and safety when transferring and
transporting patients.

A longer, fixed front leg in the X-Frame and carefully engineered
X-frame geometry create a low center of gravity and provide minimal
flex, creating industry leading stability. This means you may be less likely to flip or tip a cot during transfers and transport.


The NEW 35X EZ Pull release system reduces wrist strain and helps you
position yourself before assuming the weight of the cot and patient.
This helps you maintain proper body mechanics and prevents accidental
movement of the legs before you're ready.

- A Longer, Fixed Front Leg in the X-frame, and a rigid C-channel running the length of the cot, stiffens the cot and reduces side-to-side flexing.

- Lower center of gravity offers greater stability for patient transfers or
  while rolling.

- 5 Position Load Frame provides superior maneuverability and multiple lift positions for different size operators.
- 6" wheels (two with swivel-lock and rolling-lock) feature U-tread tires with increased surface area for better rolling and longer life
- Pull out side handles provide additional grip points for assistance with heavy patients
- 7 height positions, with true 360° turning radius in the lowest position

- All Metal Frame Construction means no plastic parts to wear out or fail
- Innovative L-Castings technology increases durability and reduces
  maintenance costs
- Increased scuff strips for loading and unloading
- Cast aluminum housing on load wheels prevents bending under
  heavy loads
- Powder coated frame

- Wider Bed Surface for comfort and support of any size patient.
- Wide head frame for large patients and extra elbow room during
  intubation & CPR

- No Pinch Points along the lifting mainframe
- Smooth, clear-coat-finish side rails keep hands clean, are impervious
  to blood and pathogens, and prevent unsightly wear and tear
- Heat sealed mattress is impervious to blood and pathogens
- Swing down side arms have no pinch points and can be used to tuck patient in
- Safety bar and hook provide safety while unloading from ambulance
- Conforms to the Federal Specification for the Star-of-Life Ambulance KKK-A-1822E

Length: Maximum: 79" (201 cm)
Minimum: 64" (163 cm)
Width: 24 (61 cm)
Bed Height Range: 13.75"- 38.5" (35-98 cm)
Max Loading Height: 34" (86 cm)
Weight: 89 lb. (40.5 kg)
Load Limit: Loading Position: 700 lb. (318 kg)
Lowest Position: 1100 lb. (450 kg)

2 years on frame
90 days on soft goods and moving parts
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