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MRI Non-Magnetic Bose Wave Music System Stereo

SKU: RA-2000
Price: $5,915.00
MRI Non-Magnetic Bose Wave Music System Stereo
MRI Non-Magnetic Bose Wave Music System Stereo
Product Details
MRI Non-Magnetic Bose Wave Music System Stereo
Self-Contained Mini Component Dimensions: 10 5/8in High x 18in Wide x 7 3/8in Deep (14.5 pounds)
Built-in Stereo AM/FM/CD player provides Stereo Music for Patients Undergoing an MRI Scan
Bose® System has its own Built-in Stereo Speakers, Delivering Exceptional Audio Sound
Florescent Digital Display with Dimmer
Single Top Loading CD Disc Player
Built-in Telescoping Antenna, with Option for External Antenna Hook-up
Digital Tuner with preset stations for AM & FM bands
Full featured Infrared Remote Control
Patients Hear True Stereo from the Bose Stereo that is Positioned Nearby the Technologist
Small Size, will allow unit to be placed on either Operator's desk or nearby shelf.

1 Year Warranty on the stereo(Bose) and 1 Year on the Patient Acoustic Interface
Kit Also Includes:
  • Self-Contained Bose Acoustic Wave Music System
  • Push-to-Talk Desktop Bogen Microphone
  • Integrated Amplifier-Controls the Music Levels for the Patient
  • iPod and MP3-Player Adapter Enables Patients to Hear their iPod Music During the Scan
  • Patient Acoustic Interface-Converts Electronic Sound to Pneumatic Sound for Audible Music
  • 2 Plastic Pneumatic Headphones for Use in all MRI Coils and all MRI Scanning
  • 1 Bag of Ear-tips-This initial amount will accommodate approximately 100 patients
  • Custom Cut Cables*-All Cables are Labeled for an Easy Out-of-the-Box Installation
  • Custom Installation Manual with Graphic Illustrations and Photographs Making it Quite Easy to Install
  • Plastic Headphone Hanger Clips Keep the Plastic Headphones Handy for the Next Patient Scan
  • Industrial Strength Velcro
  • Power Outlet Strip
The stereo system models and features are subject to change due to availability and product supply. All efforts will be made to offer comparable sound systems and upgraded technology.
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