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MRI Non-Magnetic Deluxe Prism Glasses

SKU: RA-2012
Price: $197.40
MRI Non-Magnetic Deluxe Prism Glasses
MRI Non-Magnetic Deluxe Prism Glasses
MRI Non-Magnetic Deluxe Prism Glasses
MRI Non-Magnetic Deluxe Prism Glasses
MRI Non-Magnetic Deluxe Prism Glasses
MRI Non-Magnetic Deluxe Prism Glasses
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Product Details
MRI Non-Magnetic Deluxe Prism Glasses
Non-magnetic Prism Glasses allow the patient to see the room outside the bore of the magnet during their scan, allowing a companion or scenic picture to be viewed. A simple and cost effective comfort measure to be used alone, or in conjunction with a sound system for ultimate relaxation.


Prism Glasses Feature Reversible Prisms:
Prisms may be used in two different fixed positions to reduce claustrophobia. Prisms can be slid out of their mount, rotated and slid back in 180-degrees in reverse. Patients may be scanned Head-First or Feet-First with an identical view outside of the MRI Magnet. Prism Angle remains fixed in either position so no viewing angle adjustment is required. Prisms do not reverse the image so it is possible to see a mural, calming poster or projection screen TV with the patient in the MRI Magnet either Head-First or Feet-First.
Prism Glasses are Completely Free of Any Metal Components
Glasses may be worn in all types of Diagnostic Imaging Scans including MRI, fMRI, Nuclear Medicine, CT, PET and Digital X-Ray Imaging. Device is Totally Inert - will not interfere with patient imaging in any way. No Distortion Artifacts that are common to most other Prism Glasses. Unique Patent Pending Design employing Hinge-Free All-Plastic Removable Temples.
Prism Glasses are Similar to Wearing a Conventional Pair of Glasses
Patients will easily adapt to wearing the glasses. Optical Quality Prisms Enable Patient to See Outside the Magnet Bore.
Slender lightweight design is comfortable for optimal patient compliance. Prism Glasses can be Worn with All-Plastic Earpiece or Elastic Strap. Plastic Temples snap into frame and fit over the ear just like a regular pair of eyeglasses.
An Elastic Strap can be snapped in place of the side earpieces to Firmly Hold the Glasses in Place. Prism Glasses come in a soft cloth bag with a draw string to close and a lens cleaning cloth.
Glasses may be easily cleaned to be hygienically worn by multiple patients
Prism Glasses are Compact and Easily Worn in All MRI Coils
Slim Design enables glasses to be worn inside All MRI Coils and All MRI Systems, regardless of manufacturer, including all types of MRI Head Coils.
Prism Glasses Feature Expanded Use for the following:
Bicyclists can see the road ahead with their head tucked downward. Can reduce neck strain from having to look upward or downward for long periods of time. Mountain Climbing Instructors Assembly Line Workers Viewing up or down for long periods Individual can lie flat on back for long periods and wait for activity Hunting or Military Use One Prism Could be set to view frontal and the other in the opposite direction.
Prism glasses enable wearer to lie down and see outwards, regardless of being head-first or feet first inside the MRI Magnet, to reduce claustrophobia. Highly Effective in Increasing Throughput by Reducing MRI Scan Claustrophobia, Patients View Outside of the Magnet Bore and This Helps Avoid the Closed-In Feeling.
Many Patients Have Bought Prism Glasses Before Their Scan
Great for all kinds of Scanners, Including fMRI, PET Scanners, CT Scanners, Nuclear Med Scanners Optical Quality Prisms for Highest Quality Vision Can be used to view a television beyond the head of the patient or beyond the foot of the patient, just by changing the direction that the prisms are angled Persons with cervical problems and patients with head or neck restraints find it easier to expand their viewing options with the use of Prism Glasses Great for patients with a neck restraint, to see a keyboard or computer, where looking ahead would allow them to see downward Drummers - Now You can See Your Drums While Looking Out Towards Your Audience
Great When Sitting on an Airplane so You can Lean Back and Read a Book on Your Tray Table

Deluxe Prism Glasses Compared with Standard Prism Glasses
Deluxe Prism Glasses
Standard Prism Glasses
No Metal Parts to Interfere with Scan
Hinges made of metal cause distortion and artifacts near eyes
Temples or Elastic Strap may be used
Only usable with a temple that goes over the ear
Elastic Strap can be sized for Children
One size designed for use primarily by adults
Prisms may be reversed 180º
Fixed Prism only directs viewing toward the feet

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