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MRI Non-Magnetic Portable Personal Desiccator

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MRI Non-Magnetic Portable Personal Desiccator
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MRI Non-Magnetic Portable Personal Desiccator

A convenient, contamination-free, economical carrying container for moisture-sensitive items. Stackable design permits space-saving storage. Take this desiccator box anywhere easily while keeping samples under the proper, dry conditions they require. Solid construction will last for years and make those special samples easier to transport than ever before.
This desiccator box's lift-out tray makes sample removal a cinch, while its see-through construction takes the guess work out of knowing exactly what's inside.
Most lab desiccators are quite large and are rarely moved causing transportation problems of moisture-sensitive samples, chemicals or reagents.  Use this portable desiccator to keep current project samples, reagents or chemicals close at hand on the bench, in a refrigerator or in a cabinet.
This heavy-duty hand-held desiccator has a rubber gasket to seal out moisture, rubber feet on the bottom to make it easy to pick up, stack and not slip and an elevated perforated tray to hold contents off the desiccator floor and make room for drying agent like Dry-rite.

Stackable; tray inside is removable and perforated to allow air to flow and samples to dry
Made to carry; 3/8" clear acrylic for clear visibility of contents
Fits in drawers, refrigerators or on the bench for special storage needs

3/8" Clear Acrylic. Solid, tough construction. Removable tray is perforated to allow air movement keeping drying efficiency maximized. Each features airtight seals and solvent welding that eliminate outgassing. These options give you the flexibility both to transport and store parts without risking contamination. This stackable personal desiccator box makes it easy to house and transport special-need samples.
Designed to store, carry and keep dry samples and chemicals in an acrylic, see-through container.
Removable perforated tray lifts out easily. Lid sits in groove and removes completely.
Perfect for keeping track of individual projects by dedicating its own, private portable desiccator. Constructed of 3/8-inch acrylic. Ideal in drawers, refrigerators and on benchtops.
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