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MRI Non-Magnetic Ventilator

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MRI Non-Magnetic Ventilator
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MRI Non-Magnetic Ventilator
The Model VE-3000 Ventilator is pneumatically powered, single-circuit, volume-constant, and time-cycled. It utilizes a high-pressure drive with regulated, high internal resistance to control pressure and is considered a non-constant pressure generator. Simultaneously, the Model VE-3000 Ventilator produces a flow pattern that is constant in spite of changes in lung mechanics (inspiratory square-wave).
Originally designed, tested and utilized for military field work, the Model VE-3000 Ventilator is able to be used in  any demanding environment such as In-Hospital Transport, Air-Mobile Operations, Special Treatment Areas, Operating and Recovery Rooms, Animal Laboratories and Veterinary Medicine.
The Model VE-3000 Ventilator is designed with internal simplicity for operations and maintenance. Quick connect features allow the operator to provide for all necessary clinical situations: controlled ventilation, continuous-flow intermittent mandatory ventilation, constant positive airway pressure, as well as being adjustable to inspiratory/expiratory ratios that are infinitely variable. A wide-range pressure relief valve allows for both the prevention of barotrauma and time-cycled, pressure-relieved ventilation.
In standard use, the Model VE-3000 Ventilator can be used in conjunction with a variety of face masks, cricothyroid tubes, endotracheal and tracheostomy tubes.
It is a small, lightweight, rugged portable transport ventilator, certified to a4.7 Tesla. It is pneumatically driven. Each delivery includes IMV Kit, Operator/Manual and reusable patient tubing. This product carries a factory warranty and is FDA cleared.
Humidifiers and air/oxygen blenders of various types can also be used, as the operator finds necessary.
Every unit is shipped with the IMV Kit, Reusable Patient Tubing Circuit and Operator-Service Manual on printable CD
5 year unconditional
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