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MRI Room Alert System

SKU: MG-2520
Trust our MRI room alert system to safeguard your patients and equipment during MRI scans. With real-time monitoring and alert capabilities, you can maintain a secure and controlled environment in your MRI suite.
Price: $5,040.00
MRI Room Alert System
MRI Room Alert System
MRI Room Alert System
MRI Room Alert System
MRI Room Alert System
MRI Room Alert System
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MRI Room Alert System

MRI Room Alert System is a revolutionary advancement in the field of medical imaging safety. Within the MRI suite, where precision and patient well-being are paramount, this groundbreaking product emerges as the ultimate guardian, offering unparalleled protection against potential dangers and liabilities.

MRI Room Alert System serves as a lifeline, continuously monitoring the MRI room for any calls for help. This invaluable system is not only designed to safeguard the physical space but also the individuals working within it. In situations where reaching a push-button is impossible due to the magnetic forces or potential entrapment, the voice-activated feature of the MRI Room Alert System becomes the critical link to safety.

2 Week Lead Time for Installation
Installation Takes 2 Days On Average
An additional day of installation will incur an additional charge of $1,500

MRI Room Alert System Features:

  • Notify/ Alert Facilities designated in-house personnel via Notification from the Base unit via an audible alert, Outbound phone calls, and/or emails/texts during emergency situations.
  • Call out during a quench while in the room.
  • Can call one person and/or email and text up to six people customizable messages.
  • Instant view of MRI Room on your mobile phone with an Optional remote.
  • Nights and Weekends mode with the room alert as an additional feature.
  • Audio call and messages are initiated when motion is detected in the MRI suite.
  • Remote video access to see what is causing the alert.

MRI Room Alert Remote System Features

  • Voice enabled
  • Push button talk-back activation
  • Auto dial, e-mail, text
  • LTE communications

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