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Ultrasound Sterile Biopsy Drape

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Ultrasound Sterile Biopsy Drape
Ultrasound Sterile Biopsy Drape
Ultrasound Sterile Biopsy Drape
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Ultrasound Sterile Biopsy Drape

- Professional Presentation: A well-designed draping system provides an enhanced professional look and a hygienic presentation to the patient.

- Usage Flexibility With Less Waste: Say goodbye to the Triangled blue towels,
   products with undersized access holes and non-absorbent draping!
   MRIequip.com provides the "perfect" Ultrasound Biopsy Drape.

- Unique Design: This draping is designed specifically for Ultrasound biopsy.
   It offers comfort and protection in a very user-friendly design. Velcro
   strapping allows flexibility in securing transducer cords and/or biopsy
   device tubing. We are confident you will be pleased.

- Cost Effective: This product is the "Ultimate" invention developed by
   physicians who perform the procedures, it is cost effective and practical.
   it eliminates costly procedure set-up and turn-around time.

- Quick Set-up and Turn Around Time: Quick procedure turn-around time saves
   you money and time.

- Procedure Recommendations: Breast, Thyroid, and Liver

MRIequip.com Ultrasound Drape Benefits
1. Absorbent area to contain bodily fluids when performing a biopsy
2. Large 30 x 36 area for patient coverage/flexibility (can cover face area if patient does not want to watch the procedure)
3. Drape is blue providing patient privacy (unlike the clear plastic drapes that are sometimes used)
4. Draping material used provides the patient warmth and is soft to the touch
5. Sterile drape is quick and easy to place (does not take all the time to triangle blue towels for sterile area)
6. Draping supplies built in "SecurTabs to hold Ultrasound transducer cords and or biopsy vacuum cords providing safety for the equipment
7. Adhesive tape for attachment placement of the draping providing no movement
8. Large 4 x 5 oval hole to accommodate the transducer and the biopsy needle without obstruction
9. Competitively priced (most facilities use 2 packages of blue sterile towels utilizing only 3 to form the biopsy area of interest)

25 per case

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