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Ferromagnetic Detection

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Ferromagnetic Detection Systems are a highly important part of your MRI environment. These systems allow you to detect any magnetic object just by walking through it. If anything passes through that is read magnetic, an alarm will sound and a certain color of lights will display. The specific color will show if it is completely magnetic, ferromagnetic, or non-magnetic.

If you have any questions on our ferromagnetic detection systems please contact our friendly customer service. We will be happy to assist you.
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FerrAlert ferromagnetic detectors are the most accurate detection systems providing reliable detection and prevention of ferromagnetic threats from entering the Zone IV MRI room.
Price $5,050.00
Hand held metal detectors allow a rapid analysis of the patient in the search for any ferromagnetic metal objects. NOT FOR USE IN MRI ROOM
Price $14,000.00
TechGate with LED arm or Telescoping arm kit includes standard mounting plate, installation hardware, and standard power cord.

Products Determined to be MR Conditional at 7-T or Less

Now, at your fingertips, is a diverse line of Non-Ferrous and Stainless Steel products for your MRI environment that are MR Conditional at 7-T or less. These items tested represent many of the important patient support products that are commonly used in clinical MRI environments.

Stainless Steel Products Determined to be MR Conditional at 7-T or Less
Non-Ferromagnetic Products Determined to be MR Conditional at 7-T or Less

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